Trek Freak or a Beach Lover

High On Mountains or High On Beaches

Wanderlust a strong desire to travel.

One believes the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. People travel because it makes them realize how much they haven’t seen, how much they are not going to see, and how much they still need to see. So we are here to help you out discover yourself as a “Trek Freak or a Beach Lover”.

Some say “they have got a crush on the world”.

Whereas some say “they are born to travel”.

But few can only “fulfill the desire to travel”.

Everyone travels in their life but only few wanders. The desire to travel makes a man happy go lucky in their own way.

It all depends on the person’s taste whether he is a trek freak or a beach lover. What calls him the most – the depths of waters, or the might of mountains? The sound of waves, or the peace and quiet of mountains? A lovely beach vacation or a serene and mountain retreat? 

The options  may differ for every traveler but it is incredible to observe how certain characteristics of a traveler leads them to make a choice between a beach or mountains.

“A beach is not only a sweep of sand, but shells of sea creatures, the sea glass, the seaweed, the incongruous objects washed up by the ocean.”- Henry Grunwald


“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.”-Greg Child

Coming from a family who has no culture of travelling at all is tough because you will be having lots of desire to visit various places . At that moment of time one realizes what kinda person he is !

 So helping you out to decide for yourself whether you’re a Trek Freak or a Beach Lover based on these  personality traits.

1.A Chatterbox OR A Listener

Indulging into a conversation with someone is something a beach person is excellent at. Beaches are beautiful spot for sunset and if empty its very soothing. You can talk your heart out and can relax over there. Whereas  a mountain person can be a great listener as for them it is simply about how calming that view can be. That impossible panorama that one gets to see above, feel like they’re above the clouds and they have touched it.

2.An Object-oriented Person OR A Fairy Tale Person

In the world of people high on mountains, some likes to spend fairy tale nights at the beach with their loved ones. This brings them the inner peace and relaxation hearing the sound of the waves which slightly touches their feet is enormous pleasure.

Though the Mountain man is a person with the capability of romancing the nature. The sheer beauty and magnanimity of the mountains is so mesmerizing that one can  watch them without batting an eyelid.

3.Hero personality OR Peace-Lovers

Yes! Mountains being the symbol of beauty and happiness, mountains signifies and teaches us how to deal with the problems of the life. They not only increase your strength but mental power too. The catchy winds of treks, the struggle for basics in life, the chirping of the birds, the steep dives of valleys, the closure with the clouds, the dew like freshness of air that purifies even the impure, everything has a message for you. 

Whereas for a beach lover walking on the soft and wet sand with the cool breeze flowing in my face is as soothing as rain. So they like to glare into the deep blue water that seems to be endless.

4.Believe in carpe deim

So beach lovers mostly believe living to seize the day.And they know how to enjoy the present moment without worrying about the future. They know how to live in the present and they are found to be more joyous. Water babies are music lovers too.

5.An Artist OR A Philosopher

There can never be low key people around you on a beach. From their way of talking, to the way they keep everyone entertained with their sense of humor, is truly toxic. On the other hand, a mountain person can be a great company only if you share similar interests with them. Being a thinker by nature, mountain people give a lot of thought to their words and action. However, whether the person loves beach or mountains, they are great to be with!

If by reading it all , you wish to be everywhere and you wonder who you are, beach or mountain person… then I will tell you, go and explore yourself ! We, travelers, can only plan where we can go first. Think beyond the greed of being everywhere, and you will know where you need to be.

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