How do thoughts become things?

Thoughts become things

I’m sure we all have heard that thoughts become things, and at some point in our lives we have had some experiences which prove this. We quite often say this to ourselves that whatever I was thinking, exactly the same thing has happened. Answer to how this happens is, the thoughts which excites us the most, which are most interesting to a us and which are recurrent, we tend to follow them and our actions are in accordance with them hence giving us the result. This is how thoughts become things.

Well, human mind is complex. At a time, a lot of different thoughts are running in our minds. According to a study there are 50,000-70,000 thoughts that come in our mind each day. And if we do the math it means we get 52-72 thoughts a minute, that is approximately 1 thought per second. I think these are a lot thoughts to deal with, in a particular day.

How a person processes them determines his state of mind. If negative thoughts outnumber positive ones, then the person suffers from depression and if positive thoughts outnumber negative ones then the person is happy. Our thought processing determines how we feel . The kind of thoughts that run in our mind influences the release of certain chemicals in our brains which causes us to feel a particular way.

Taking example from science, there is a phenomenon known as Resonance . It the tendency of a system to vibrate with increasing amplitudes at some frequency of oscillation. I think this applies to our thinking process as well. A lot of negative thinking will attract negativity in our lives, likewise positive thinking will attract positivity. 

‘The Secret’ emphasizes a great deal on how Thoughts become things. The book focuses on the power of positive thinking and how like attracts like. It mentions that if we think positive , then positive energies will be emitted from our mind and we will attract more positivity from the universe.

Our thinking process also determine, the way of life we are living. So by controlling it we can lead the life we want to live. From my own experience, its simple concept but very difficult to follow. But human mind is great , if we convince ourselves then nothing is difficult to achieve. Hence by thinking positive we can translate positive thinking to positive actions thereby attracting positive results.


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