Space is an area or extend and as such is a critical element of visual design. It may be either two dimensional (flat) or three dimensional (hollow or volume). The basic raw material of design , space is the empty area into which the other elements of designs – line, shape, form, colour, texture and pattern are place. Space gives of itself to become shape form and pattern and determines how all elements relate. It is organise to introduce lines that subdivides, rearrange, push, pull and otherwise manipulate it. As a result Without spaces none of the elements of design could be seen.

   In design, space is concerned with the area deep within the moment of designated design, the design will take place. For a two dimensional design, space concerns creating the illusion of a third dimensional of a flat surface.

  •  Space can be used to separate and connect the element used in the design.
  • Wider spaces separate elements from each other and narrow space connects elements with each other to reveal the relationship between them. Overlapping elements maximizes their relationship.
  •  White space does main things in the design. It creates grouping of elements , emphasis and hierarchy. Also improves legibility.

Effects use in clothing

Illusion in dress– It is basic to the geometric illusion.

Figure demonstrates the power of spacing between lines to influence total apparent size. In (a) the wider center panel spacing makes the entire bodice appear wider than in (b) where the narrow center spacing makes the whole bodice seem slimmer. These geometric illusion when deftly used in dress , can be a potent tool. However , most depth and distance spatial illusions can become confusing and distracting in dress

  • Physical Effect –

                 Geometric spaces illusions mentioned above influence apparent figure height , weight, size and proportions subtly but powerfully.

Three identical silhouette, but the size and shape of each seem different because of they different ways the interior space is subdivided into smallest area of varying proportion fig.(a) shows the empty silhouette as a basis for comparison. fig.(b) is subdivided into two long , narrow “empty” structure shapes which allow vertically broken view from shoulder to hem. fig.(c)with the same silhouette breaks the vertical space with a horizontal waistline , shoulder yoke and skirt piece. Creating wide horizontal shapes which shorten and widen the figure.

  • Psychological effects –

Various uses of spaces in clothing can powerfully manipulate feelings. Unbroken space suggests drama and sophistication and has an uninterrupted loveliness of its own. It may seem strange but large areas are at the same time bold and serene because they convey a calmness of confidence the quietness of certainty.

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