Silhouette is a form which projects one solid color against the background of another colour, therefore the shape is visible. It is the outline of the whole garment. It is the most dominant visual element of a garment and the first thing visible from a distance. Silhouette also helps in forming first impressions of the garment, which may or may not be appealing to the eye. Silhouette in garment is dependent on the position and direction of horizontal and vertical lines in a garment, which decides its length width proportions. Moreover, design detail like collars and sleeves add on to the look.

 A silhouette worn must complement the body type. Each has its highlighted features in terms of specific part of the garment that is sleeves, waistline and shoulders.

  Definition –

   According to the Debester Dictionary, it is a two-dimensional representation of the  outline of an object.

 Types of Silhouette –

  1. Sheath –

It is the form of the silhouette which is fits from top to the bottom of the garment. The way it hug the body make it an unforgiving style to those without perfect figure as it emphasise waist. A defined waist is prerequisite to look good. This style is usually fitting. Slits are introduce. Example pencil skirts.                          

2. A-line – 

                      Fitted in the bodice and flared slightly in the skirt, making it look like a ‘A’. A garment in this silhouette widens towards ‘hems’ in gradual manner, smoothes out awkward lines and curves of the body.

3. Hourglass –

                  This silhouette is characterise by a fitted waistline. This is a very popular silhouette which emphasises the curves of feminine figure. This can be design with the help of belts, darts, waist bands. The highlight of this silhouette is the waistline. Wedding gowns are construct based on this silhouette with a fitted waist.

4. Bell –

    Also known as ball-gown. It is fits till the waist further flares generally at hem to make a bell-shaped skirt. Typically found in traditional wedding dresses. It is a choice of young women for wedding dress.

5. Mermaid –

        Also known as trumpet. It is similar to sheath type but flares like a ball gown from the knees. However it is undoubtedly a very beautiful silhouette and hem worth the sacrifice but uncomfortable for movement .

6. Shoulder-Wedge –

                                                 This type emphasizes the shoulder. To make this silhouette emphasise the shoulder using additional designs. For instance shoulder pads, puff sleeves or butterfly style etc.

  1. Trapeze or Tent –

                                             It looks A-lined but with pronounced flare towards hem. It has shaped like a trapezoid or tent. Therefore, this type is good for short dresses however difficult in long dresses.

8. Asymmetrical –

                                          This has a diagonal hem line. This effect is achieve by varying the colors, fabrics etc.

Importance –

  1. It emphasize as well alter woman’s shape.
  2. They can create flattering illusion.
  3. It can meet the dress code for different occasions.

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