Forms is defined as a 3- dimensional area enclosed by a surface. If the form is hollow we often perceive the interior as volume, if it is solid, the interior is described as mass. Forms may be created using a combination of two or more shapes. Shapes and forms as visual design elements are fascinating and challenging because they are so malleable. It is a 3-D element of design and has length, width and height. Form is volume and enclosed by a surface, we are remained. They have power to evoke feelings similar to those of line

 It adds another dimension to shape. A circle is a flat two-dimensional shape. When you add the shading that transforms the circle into a sphere it takes on three-dimensional form like a ball you could throw or bounce.Basic forms are three-dimensional figures including spheres, cubes, cylinders, pyramids and cones. If an object has height, width and depth it is a form.

 A form is negative or positive. A brick-shaped indentation in a wall is a negative form while an exposed brick is a positive form. Form can also be static or dynamic. Static means still, so a ball resting on the table is static. A dynamic form suggests motion such as a ball flying across the room.


 Equal forms

  • It include sphere and cube.

Unequal forms

  •  It include cone, cylinder, bell, pyramid, cuboid, dome, barrel, hour glass etc.

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