Elements of Design


 Elements of design are the fundamental parts or aspects use to compose any work of design. This include –

characteristics –

Design is incomplete without using them. Human body needs vital organs to function. The foundation of designing is based on these elements.

Art elements are the basic concepts that constitute the language of design. Knowledge of these helps us in communicating with others about the design. Most importantly the elements are the visual components in creating an object or composition. To create a design, the designer uses some or all of these devices: line, form, spacecolour and texture. These elements further manipulate and modifies as they can produce unlimited visual effects therefore refer as plastic.

Above all the art elements are consider individually, they all are interdependent. Forms exist in spaceColour and visual textures are qualities visible through light. Line is a graphic shorthand device for symbolising forms by drawing boundaries of objects.

One person may use certain materials and tools and processes to construct a design. While another person viewing the design seeks to find a way of interpreting expresses in it by using these elements. But without the use of each of these one will find it difficult to express one’s ideas adequately.

In other words the elements of design are the basic components use as part of any composition. Moreover each of the art elements has psychophysical powers of communication and provides man with symbolic languages. The designer selects certain of these devices for their ability to project the desired image to create illusions.

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