When someone designs a garment, building, machine or anything, they firstly, plan it and make a detail sketch which help them during making it. It is the backbone of graphic art. Design is the part of art, actually a part of our life and personality. It is everywhere. What we create is design. Therefore in fashion industry design plays the vital role in creating something new and unique.

It is everywhere; for instance of design can be seen in nature such as leopard’s spotted pelt, the hexagonal pattern of a beehive, beautiful shapes of flowers and leaves etc. Selecting and organizing of materials to achieve desired effects is designing. It is the process of structuring by using the basic elements of the visual arts – line, form, space, light, colour, transparency, motion and texture. As such design is part of every person’s daily activity. Everyone is a designer whether he consciously wants to be one or not. On the highest level, designing is a continuous and knowledgeable manipulation of the art elements to produce an expressive statement. It is a purposeful creation in which emotion, knowledge, imagination and intellect are all operative.

According to Goldstein –

 Design is any arrangements of lines, shapes, forms, color, and texture.

They are of two types

  1. Structural
  2. Decorative

Structural design is a form of construction that is build into the cloth during the process of its manufacturing. Simplicity is a feature of structural designs. As they are an integral part of its form rather than an embellishment.

Decorative design it is apply to the surface of the cloth to ornament it.

In textile designing weaving is the most common method of producing structural designs. Non-woven methods for instance knitting, lace making can also be included in this category.

Dyeing, printing, painting, embroidery and certain finishing processes are some of the common methods of producing decorative designs.

Size form color and texture of an object are use to create structural designs. Decorative designs are the surface enrichment of a structural designs. Any element of designing that have been use to a structure , giving it a richer quality to constitute decorative designs.

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