Shape is simply a flat area enclose by a line. It refers to the outside dimension of contour of an object. When the silhouette of the body is observed , the shape of the body is visible. It encloses space. In art and design, shape is usually define as a flat, 2D area enclose by a line. The line creates a silhouette, outline edge of an interior area seen as flat. The word shape usually bring images of geometric shape and indeed it is these and their variations which comprises both the human figure and clothing. They are use to convey meaning and organize information. All shapes may vary in size or in the area they occupy

Definition of shapes

Shape is defined as the flat area enclosed by a line .


  • Equal shape – The word equal itself defines it. Equal shape are those whose sides are equal like ; square, circle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, equilateral triangle.

Unequal shapes

Unequal shapes are those whose sides or dimensions are unequal. These includes- oval, rectangle, spade, club, diamond, star, isosceles triangle and parallelogram.

  • They can be border by a line.
  • It can be define by colour, texture or tone
  • They can suggest movement or emotions.
  • Shape in 3D is form.
  • They can be sharp and clean or hazy and suggesting something.
  • Shape can be negative or positive.

The way the shapes fit together influences their effects. Some shapes like squares, hexagons, ogive, diamonds, triangles and rectangles fit tightly and completely together without leaving any spaces between them, which gives a sense of security and stability (Fig.3.21). Some shapes other than the above mentioned, leave spaces between them at some points, when they fit together; but these spaces create new interesting shapes (Fig.3.22). These combinations can be used for creating appealing fabric designs.